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quickie character
talk about being mia
Illustration for my upcoming artbook, “Ink.” 
"looks like allergies"
An illustration for my upcoming art book. 
And so real life rears its ugly head again
I’ve started an art book. Here’s the cover draft.
A peek of a commission I’m working on.
Every time I take a tumblr hiatus, the interface changes
kelvinatorx: i think u are marvelous!! just wanted to show some love and ask if you have anymore actual pencil drawings u can post. :) :) :). love u again and just wanted to tell u you are talented :)!

Aww, thank you! Sending some love back with a follow back. 

I actually do have some pencil drawings lying around, I’ll be scanning them in asap since you asked. Thanks for the support, it means tons to me. <3

24keudae: thank you for following! * O*)/

Hi there! You’re oh so welcome :D

I&#8217;m thinking about publishing an art book. I&#8217;m not sure yet.
Sorry for the lack of updates guys, freelance has been killing me and I&#8217;m losing followers left and right
That being said, at least I&#8217;m getting some portfolio work.
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